Limited Lifetime Warranty and what is covered

Our rods are built to last when fished properly. Use the right tackle and take care with your rods and they will last a lifetime. Here are things that will compromise a rods construction:

Leaving rod unsecured in cars, pickup beds, boxes etc. If not secured, the rod will rattle around and take hits and damage from other objects and weather elements. Repeated knocking of rods (especially graphite) can start to break down fibers and leave the rod ready for a quick break, even if it's not immediately visible. A rod could appear perfectly fine after a few months of this, then break on the first good stress of the blank.

Knocking rods off of trees, rocks etc. When walking through the woods or while fishing small water, it is easy to hit rods into trees and rocks. Sometimes it's unavoidable, but use as much caution as possible to keep rods away from surfaces that could harm the material.

Trying to "yank" your lure from a snag. If you become snagged, give it a few moderate tugs and try to work different angles to get it back. Do not pull directly back with drag cinched repeatedly until you get it back or the line breaks - that is undue stress. Instead, point your rod at the snag so that no bend is achieved and the pressure is on the line. Pull back steadily while holding the spool. 

These breaks are not covered under warranty (in the case of accidental/incidental breakage, and will receive the most affordable replacement pricing)

Nova rods are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser unless otherwise stated*.

If the issue is due to a defect in materials or workmanship, the rod will be repaired or replaced to you as quickly as possible. If the problem is due to an unfortunate accident, misuse, alteration or normal wear and tear, we will advise you of the cost of the repair or replacement and await your approval prior to proceeding.

Solution to Gradual or Accidental Breakage:

If your rod broke due to an accident or gradual damage we can offer you an excellent price on a brand new replacement rod.

Warranty coverage applies to breakage that happened due to a defect in material or the way the rod was built. 

Broke your rod on accident or need basic repairs from wear and tear?

Nova Rod Dealers are not authorized to determine warranty claims. The damaged rod must be sent to Nova Rods Warranty Service.

Rods are not covered from gradual or accidental damage. 

Please Keep Your Receipts. Take a photo or make a copy of your receipt for your records

For Warranty Claims or questions, please e-mail Warranty@novatacklecompany.com